The site is not as important as the way you take the sample. It is necessary to take the sample from the same site, with the same length of wool, cut on the skin and write on the sample bag clearly.

Midside will give the closest result to the average micron of the animal, although the pinbone is easiest to take. In most cases, for wool, it will give a stronger result. Results from midside to pinbone may vary from zero to plus 2 microns.


We only require a staple the size of your finger to test. It is important to cut the sample on the skin. The OFDA 2000 is the only fibre testing technology that measures the whole length of staple. If the sample is cut short you ensure that the information will not be correct at that point in time.

All samples should be placed in our paper bags. Southern Tablelands Fibre Testing supply these bags at no charge. Contact us to have these bags sent to you.



To help our staff and improve testing times we would appreciate that you do not use the following when you are preparing your samples to send;

- Plastic Bags Sandwich Bags

- Sticky Tape

- Rubber Bands Ties

- Staples


Sample bags must be clearly marked in pen or permanent marker. If the animal has a name it must be printed, never running writing.